How Downsizing Your Home Can Help You With Your New Year's Resolutions


The new year is almost here, and this may have you thinking about your New Year's resolution. There are many common resolutions that people make, including losing weight or reducing their debt. But did you know that downsizing your home can help you to achieve a few common New Year's resolutions? Here are three resolutions that people make and how a smaller home may help you to meet these goals:

Reduce Your Debt

One common resolution that people make during the New Year is to reduce their debt. Unfortunately, many people are house poor. This means that a large chunk of their income goes to paying their mortgage, rent and the utilities on the home. When you downsize your home, your utilities decrease, as the home is smaller. Additionally, the mortgage or rent payment typically decreases as well, though this does depend on when you bought your home and the neighborhood you are moving to. But as a general rule of thumb, you will pay less for a smaller home in the same town you are living in than you will pay for a larger one, helping you to reduce your debt and stop being house poor. 

Spend More Time With Your Kids

Another resolution that people make during New Years is to spend more time with their children. Downsizing your home can help you achieve this goal. When your living expenses are reduced, you may not have to work as much, which frees up more of your time for your children. Additionally, it takes time to clean and maintain a larger home. Cleaning and caring for a smaller one takes less time, leaving more time for things that are important, like your kids. 

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

The last resolution that downsizing your home may help you meet is reducing your carbon footprint. More people are aware of their impact on the environment and want to do something to lessen that impact. When you downsize your home, you use less energy and gas, both of which can help you to reduce you and your family's carbon footprint. 

Downsizing your home can help you to reduce your debt, free up time to spend with your children, and to reduce your carbon footprint. But if you are looking to move into a smaller home, you may not have much storage space. If you have de-cluttered and still need just a bit more space, a storage unit may be the right option for you. A storage unit allows you to store items that you may not need all the time, like holiday decorations or camping gear, allowing you to comfortably live in a smaller home or residence. 

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6 December 2017

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