Find The Right Features For Vehicle And Watercraft Storage


Not all storage facilities are built the same. If you need to store recreational vehicles, a car restoration project, a boat, or other vehicles, you'll need to pay special attention to the different features offered by storage facilities and their level of quality. Here are the features that matter when storing vehicles, along with ways to confirm the quality.

Climate Control Features

Most vehicles are complex mechanics with multiple materials, each with their own storage concerns. Some parts of the vehicle may be fine after a bit of moisture, but the seats and electronics can mold, mildew, rust, corrode, or otherwise fail through many other problems caused by moisture.

You're not just worried about rain. Humidity buildup and dripping condensation can lead to failure in multiple parts of the vehicle, and a lot of the damage can be as expensive as buying a new vehicle. If the electronics corrode, you could spend far more than the original value of the vehicle in repairs over the next few years.

It's vital that your storage facility has at least air conditioning for the storage units, not just the business office and hallways. Air conditioning removes some humidity as a part of the cooling process, and is the bare minimum in cooling.

Coastal or other high humidity areas need dehumidifiers. A dehumidifier setup is so cheap that you could bring in your own system, but it's more efficient to look for facilities that have dehumidifiers in their storage units already.

If there are no options within your price range, be sure to look up the room dimensions for your dehumidifier options and contact the manufacturer to make sure that the unit can handle the storage unit size.

Security Features

Unlike small good storage facilities that have a chance of containing invaluable clothing, highly-pawnable property, or priceless treasures, vehicle storage facilities are a nearly guaranteed payday for thieves. For this reason, take your business only to storage facilities with working camera systems.

You'll need to walk in front of security camera systems at a specific date and time, then ask to see the recording to make sure you're able to see yourself. Some businesses--not just security facilities--will have mock cameras that only act as deterrents without actually recording or working at all.

In addition to surveillance systems, a security guard team can add that extra amount of deterrent while making it harder for thieves to escape, and easier for law enforcement to capture anyone who makes it out of the facility with your property.

Contact a storage facility, such as Safegard Self Storage, for boat storage units, recreational vehicle storage, and other vehicle storage options. 


1 February 2018

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