Tips For Dealing With Water And Moisture In A Storage Unit


Are you planning on renting an outdoor storage unit to free up some space at home? If so, you may have concerns about water and moisture getting into the unit. Here are some tips you can follow to ensure that your belongings are protected. 

Elevate Items Off The Floor

You never know when a big rainstorm will cause the location of the storage unit to flood. If that happens, you could have water enter the storage unit through the bottom of the door. You'll want to take steps to keep things slightly elevated so that water cannot touch anything if it gets into the unit. Try placing boxes on wooden boards, or even use old pallets as a base on the floor. All you need to do is raise the items a few inches off the floor and you'll be protected. 

Cover Items With Cloth

It may be tempting to cover items in plastic so that dilute does not settle on the surface. However, a plastic tarp is actually going to trap moisture underneath the plastic, which can cause mold to form on the item. You are better off using a breathable cloth to cover items so that moisture can escape. The items will come out of storage with no mold damage and not covered in dust.

Pack Electronics With Silica Gel

Do you know how electronics are often packed with packets of silica gel? These are actually there to protect electronics from becoming damaged. The packets prevent moisture from settling on electronic components by absorbing moisture, rather than allowing moisture to settle on metal components and cause them to rust. It will help to do the same thing with items you are putting into storage. If you pack electronics in a box with packets of silica gel, they will have plenty of protection from potential moisture damage. 

Polish Wood And Leather Items

It will help to polish items made out of wood or leather before putting them into storage. It may seem counter-intuitive, but it actually works really well. The polish acts as a protective barrier that will not allow moisture to get into the porous surface. It can be a small step that you take to help protect the items while in outdoor storage. 

These are just a few ways to prevent moisture and water from affecting items in self-storage. For more tips, reach out to your local self-storage provider. Contact a company like Eagle Airport Car And Mini Storage in order to learn more.


2 August 2019

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