Why It's Often Worth Putting Your Extras In Storage


When you are moving and you come across items that won't fit into your new home, what do you do with them? Some people would tell you to just throw them away rather than wasting your time. Others might encourage you to donate or sell the items. Neither of these approaches is really wrong, per se. However, in many cases, the best choice is to rent a storage unit and put your extras inside that unit. Here are a few advantages to this approach.

It saves you sorting time.

When you're moving, you're often short on time. There's so much to do, from cleaning to unpacking. You may not want to spend time sorting through your items and debating which things are worthy of selling and which are better off being donated. With a storage unit at your disposal, you can skip all of this sorting. You just pack it into boxes and take it all to the same place.

You can always change your mind on things.

What if you were to give away that extra toaster, move into your new home, and realize you do, after all, have space for the toaster? You'd be stuck, or you would have to buy a new toaster. If you put things in a storage unit, you always have the option to change your mind and go back for them. And since moving into a new home always brings some surprises, you're bound to head back to the storage unit to retrieve a few things.

You have a chance to sell things for what they are really worth.

There may ultimately be some items you decide to sell. By renting a storage unit, you can put off doing this until you have a little more time to research the value of the items and list them in the proper places to earn a more reasonable profit on the sale. You also have the option of having potential buyers meet you at the storage unit to pick up the items, rather than meeting you at your home, which can be a lot safer in this day and age.

Renting a storage unit will add some additional costs to your move. However, it really can be one of the smartest ways to deal with all of the extra things you have at a time like this. Look into self-storage facilities in your area to see what they have to offer.


19 August 2020

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