Getting Married At Home? How A Storage Unit Helps You


Are you planning a backyard wedding? With uncertainty still on the minds of people planning to get hitched in 2021, home weddings are increasingly popular. And one investment that can make backyard nuptials as simple as possible is a self-storage unit. Why? Here are a few ways it can help you before, during, and after the big day. 

Before the Wedding

Every couple tends to build up a cache of stuff in the months and weeks leading up to the wedding. But home-based weddings can accumulate even more because you must rent and buy many things that traditional wedding venues often provide. This might include tables, chairs, outdoor heating or cooling elements, all the decorations, lighting features, arbors, platforms, and even flooring materials. 

Fortunately, off-site storage prevents this buildup of necessary items from overpowering your home or yard. It also gives you a dedicated, clear space to better organize everything and keep an inventory of what you have or need without leaving your home in chaos for months. 

During the Wedding

As wedding festivities approach, trade out those stored wedding items for stuff that needs to be cleared from the house. Why? Unlike a venue-based wedding where no one will care how crazy your home life got before the big day, home-based weddings need a clean and clear house and yard.

Temporarily clean out from your house or yard things that will get in the way or what you don't want to be seen — everything from living room clutter to furniture that would impede movement when guests arrive. And make sure you remove anything in the yard that is unsightly or could be dangerous. 

After the Wedding

Finally, once the big day is over, turn your storage unit into a staging area for everything that needs to be returned, disposed of, or sold once it's no longer needed. Give keys to family or friends who can help return items without involving you. Stage sales of some items, such as backyard arbors or extra wedding supplies, directly from the storage unit. And if you're headed off on honeymoon, stage the extra stuff where it won't be what greets you as you walk back in the front door. 

Where to Start

Start planning now how a simple self-storage unit could improve wedding planning and execution by taking a tour of a facility near your home. With a variety of sizes, temperature controls, and locations, you're sure to find a unit that is exactly what you need for your particular big day. 


18 March 2021

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