Self Storage For Your Business Needs


Surplus inventory and seasonal items that are currently stored within your place of business could be taking up space that you need for alternate items. Consider reserving a self-storage unit and placing excess items within it. Use the tips below to secure a storage unit and prepare your items for transport.

Storage Facilities

Storage facilities cater to individuals and business owners. A basic storage facility may feature climate-controlled and non-climate-controlled storage units.

A full-service storage facility may feature storage units that are of various sizes. There may be a common area on-site that can be used for loading and unloading items and packing boxes. Some full-service facilities may feature loading docks, WiFi, copiers, and other equipment that a modern business owner may need when getting ready to transport the items that they have in storage.


Research some facilities that are located near your place of business. Consider the layout of each facility when deciding which one to rent a storage unit from. Your rental should be well-equipped to hold all of the items you have in mind, plus it should be easy to access. If you are going to be storing a lot of surplus inventory and seasonal items inside of a storage unit, you will likely want to rent a unit that will not be difficult for you to drive back and forth to on frequent occasions.


Once you have secured a rental unit, find out the protocol that needs to be followed when accessing your unit. You may be provided with a passcode to enter when you arrive at the facility. Most storage facilities are open around the clock.

Lighting that is installed outdoors will provide you with enough visibility to unload items at night. If you are going to be moving your business materials at various times, it will be nice to have access to a facility that never closes.


Purchase plenty of packing materials to secure electronics, holiday decor, furnishings, merchandise, and other items that you plan on placing in storage. If any of the items will only be in storage for a short term, preparing a layout of how you plan on filling the unit can be helpful.

The layout can include designating space near the back of the unit for the items that will be stored for an undetermined amount of time. Space within the front of the self-storage unit can be designated for the items you will be leaving at the facility for a short duration. 

Contact a local self-storage service to learn more. 


28 March 2023

protecting your cherished items in storage

Storage units make it possible for us to hold onto the things that we aren't quite ready to let go of. Whether you have moved into a smaller home, or your collection has simply outgrown the house you are in, a storage unit can make it possible to keep the things that you love. If you pack and store things properly, you don't have to worry about pests, heat, cold and moisture damaging the things that you have stored. This blog will show you how to protect your belongings by teaching you how to pack and store things in a way that will protect them.