Picking A Top Notch Storage Unit


When it is time to store your belongings, you want to make sure that your items are protected and safe. In order to save money, many people will try to store their items in a friend or family member's home. This may be a good idea for some people, but you do not have any control over what happens to your items. Variables such as pets, children, or any number of factors, can have a negative impact on your belongings. One of the best places to store your belongings is a storage unit. Top-quality storage units offer a number of services that keep your items safe. Here are a few services that most top end storage facilities provide:


One of the nicest services that many storage facilities provide is theft security. When you start looking at potential storage facilities, try and find one that takes security very seriously. Talk to the facility manager and ask what precautions are taken to keep your items safe. Often a storage facility will have a high razor wire fence with just one entrance. This allows the facility manager to dictate who enters the facility. The facility may also take advantage of security cameras. These simple yet effective methods of security work wonders in keeping burglars away. 

Pest Control

One of the worst things that can happen is if pests get into your belongings. Insects and rodents can cause a great deal of damage to any personal item. Storage facilities usually understand this and will ensure the safety of your belongings by spraying for pest a few times a year. When you are looking at potential storage facilities be sure to inspect for any type of pest including bugs and rodents. You will usually see bugs or fecal pellets if there is a problem. 

Water Protection

There is nothing quite like having water where you do not want it. Simply put, water can do a lot of damage. You want a storage unit that is able to keep your things dry. Inspect your storage unit for any water damage. Look at the floor for any signs of standing water, and then look at the ceiling to see if there are any leaks. Another big problem could be flooding. If your unit is in a flood plain, be sure to note if the concrete slab is raised above the ground. This will help keep your items safe from water. Another great idea is to keep a few silica sticks in your unit at all times. The silica sticks will keep condensation from building up on your belongings and causing water damage. 

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4 July 2017

protecting your cherished items in storage

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